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Office design concept for Lumesty.

Lumesty it's a young and dynamic lighting company which was launched in 2014. Main goal was to create inspiring collaborative work environment cosidering their current needs and future demands.

Definitely bring color, texture and diversity into that space! We designed unique desks made entirely from plywood, created wall art using extension cords and used really fun wallpaper - Alien Crowd in the call center. Ceiling and lighting was designed to visually define different areas and be flexible so the light fixtures can be easily changed on the new models they produce. We introduced a lot of graphics on the walls which are not only decorating the space but are informative as well (I didn't even suspect that lamp has so many different shapes, codes and categories :).

I should say that we had a lot of fun working on that project and our client loved the final result. We are waiting for the next step - when it's going to be built in real! 

Project was developed in partnership with Anonymusconcepts